How does Brewskey connect with your kegerator?

Brewskey is easy to connect to your kegerator.
Just follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time!

Cut Your Beer Line

To attach the flow sensor, cut your beer line near its midpoint.

Install Sensors

Taking the two ends of the line you just cut, soak them in hot water for about a minute. Then, slide the pointed ends of the flow sensor on to the beer line.

Detach Kegerator Tower

Remove the screws holding up the kegerator tower and pick up the rubber ring underneath.

Run Cable From Your Brewskey Box to Sensor

Plug the flat cable into your Brewskey box and connect the other end into the flow sensor.

Re-Attach Kegerator Tower

Make sure the Brewskey box is in a good place because you won't be able to move it much. Also, make sure the flat cable isn’t pinched or twisted.

Plug In the Brewskey Box

You're almost finished. Plug in the power cable and the LED light should start blinking blue. This means it's ready for you to set up the WiFi.

Finish Installation with the Mobile App

Download Brewskey and create an account. In the "Settings" menu you must enable "Manage Taps" in order to create a location, connect to your box, and name your tap. After that, you’re ready to pour some beer!