Track your pours one glass at a time.

Measure, view trends, and earn badges while drinking beer.

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What is Brewskey?

How it Works

Brewskey upgrades any kegerator by adding pour tracking, user permissions, and drinking badges. The device connects to the internet over your WiFi and uses NFC to authenticate and track every pour.

View graphs or leaderboards to see who poured, when they poured, and how much. Every pour offers a chance to unlock a new drinking badge.

Simple Hardware, Simple Setup

Installing Brewskey is quick and easy. We've create a system that anyone can use to make a smart kegerator.

  1. Splice the sensors into your beer line.
  2. Download the app and follow a quick setup process for your device.
  3. Pour and watch the system track your keg!

Secure Your Beer

Make sure uninvited guests, children, or your enemies cannot pour from your keg. Brewskey uses a robust permissions system to allow your guests to pour. You can even set a limit on how much they can pour!

Never be surprised by an empty keg

Every pour is tracked and measured with Brewskey. Never go through the awful moment of throwing a party with an empty keg. Brewskey can send out low beer alerts and other time-sensitive messages.

The App

What would a smarter kegerator be without an app to go along with it? The Brewskey app brings the fun to the whole party.

User Profile
View profile pics, stats, achievements, recent pours, checkins, and more.
Kegerator Stats
Keep track of the amount of beer left in your keg as well as who's drinking it.
Beer Summary
See a summary on the type of beer currently on tap - ABV/IBU/OG.
See a daily and overall leaderboard for your current keg.
Beer Collection
View the when and where of all beers you've poured in the past.
Previous Kegs
View all your past kegs for every tap. See historical data on who poured and when.
Breakdown of Pours
Want to settle the age old argument of who drank the most the night before? We got you covered.
Device Management
Turn your tap on or off. Re-enter wifi credentials. Update tap details. Grant management permissions to other users. It's all here.
Robust Permissions
Time-based, role-based, and user-based permissions. You can make your keg as secure as you want.
Cleaning Mode
There comes a time between kegs when the line needs to be cleaned. Cleaning mode opens the solenoid for up to an hour so you can do your duty.
Automatic Updates
Your device will be automatically updated over WiFi with the latest enhancements and fixes so you can stay current.

App Badges

Every user profile also features a list of badges. Each pour offers a chance to earn a badge!

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