How does Brewskey work with your kegerator?

Watch this short video on how Brewskey works.

Brewskey is our attempt at creating a simple, easy to use product which connects to your kegerator to measure every pour.
The Brewskey box consists of the box, a valve, and a flow meter.  This allows you to keep your enemies from pouring your beer and allow your friends to see how much they poured at the end of the night.  Installation is easy just:
  1. Cut your beer line
  2. Attach the beer line to the value and flow meter.  These come with barbs so connecting is easy.
  3. Plug in the Brewskey box
  4. Follow a quick setup through the mobile app to connect the box to your WiFi.

After setup, you can invite your friends to download the app.  The app features user profiles, badges, and history of your kegerator.  Want to know who drank the most beer from the last keg? We got you covered.  Brewskey also features a daily leader board.  This can keep everyone honest about how much beer they really drank.

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