Brewskey Box ASSEMBLE!

Our first PCB finally finished testing and arrived on our doorstep.  We’ll spare you an unboxing video but needless to say we were excited for it to arrive.  Our electrical engineer did an awesome job constructing this and adding tweaks to the board to improve the NFC reader.

The board came with two antennas that have slightly different designs.  The engineer designed them himself and created them with his own 3D printer.  We’ll be testing them thoroughly when we hook this up to our kegerator 😉


As you can see, our 3D printed brewskey box fit the PCB perfectly.  It fit but it was a challenge to get the board in there since it was pretty snug.  In future revisions of the Brewskey box we’ll add a bit more wiggle room.


The Brewskey box uses a 12v-24v plug for power.  It also has a USB port so we can do some debugging.  The ethernet port is used to hook up the flow sensor and solenoid.


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